Hello gentle reader,

a few weeks ago I tweeted a couple of revision tips using the #revisiontips hashtag and I was joined by other writers. I was then asked by Jani Grey if I could sum this tips up in a blog post… So here we are!

Tips from Kat Ellis:

After the first pass or several, fresh eyes are vital to spot things you won’t.

If you’re a visual person, get your colour code on. There’s a reason writers hoard all those glitter/neon pens.

I read my manuscripts aloud to my husband. Great way to spot clunky phrasing, especially in the dialogue.

Tips from Dahlia Adler:

If you have a Kindle, sending your manuscript to it and reading it that way can be immensely helpful in finding errors etc.

Keep track of your ms’s smaller details, especially if you’re planning a series, to keep things consistent and minimize error.

Use betas w/different strengths and skill sets if you can. It’s amazing what different people can bring to the table for you.

Be honest w/yourself about what’s unnecessary. Cutting 10K words only sucks til you realize how much better your ms is for it.

Tip from Marieke Nijkamp:

Change the font, the font size, and/or the page layout. Trick your brain into thinking it’s a new story.

And finally, tips from me:

Revising can feel overwhelming. Fixing the plot, the characters, the setting, etc It’s a lot. Being organized is essential.

Have a plan. If you don’t know what a revising plan looks like, check out @stdennards: Hers is FAB.

I tackle the big picture 1st (plot, relationships, characters, world building, pacing).Then I line-edit for filler words etc

Take your time. Whether you’re editing alone or based on your agent/editor’s feedback, take as much as time as is needed.

Print your manuscript and read through it in one sitting. Makes it much easier to catch typos and inconsistencies.

That’s it! I hope this is helpful. Feel free to add your own revision tips in the comments!

2 thoughts on “#RevisionTips

  1. More revision tips are always super helpful, especially since this is right where I am with my WIP right now. I will definitely be checking out that revision plan 🙂

  2. Harliqueen says:

    Brilliant tips! Thanks for putting them all here 🙂

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