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EM Castellan is a writer of YA Historical Fantasy novels. She has moved seven times in the past ten years, and has lived in a 1930’s house in France, a one-room flat in New York City and an English castle, before recently settling in London. She travels extensively, reads voraciously, and writes at odd hours thanks to a hectic full-time job.

She is represented by Carrie Pestritto at Laura Dail Literary Agency.

She is a member of SCBWI British Isles.

You can find some of her YA Historical Fantasy stories on Wattpad.

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She used to contribute to The Great Noveling Adventure and There And Draft Again – A Fellowship of Fantasy Writers.

You might be interested in what EM Castellan is writing here or in what she is reading hereShe is looking forward to hearing from you via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Guest blogs and Interviews:

JuNoWriMo Participant Interview (22 June 2012)

JuNoWriMo Featured Author (29 June 2012)

“The Rules” – Understand Them Before You Break Them – Guest Post on Aimee L. Salter’s blog (29 April 2013)

Future Shelves’ Interview on Serena Lawless’ blog (24 May 2013)

Interview on The Great Noveling Adventure’s blog (26 August 2013)

“I Was A Virgin Once” Success Story on the Like  A Virgin Pitch Contest blog ( February 2014)

#PitchMAS Success Story #9 (18 February 2014)

W.O.W. – Writer Odyssey Wednesday on Amy Trueblood’s blog (26 March 2014)

Interview on Karen McCoy’s blog (16 April 2014)

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Novel Girl says:

    Thanks for following my blog! I just found your blog hop giveaway and promptly entered 😀 Yay! I look forward to getting to know each other.

  2. 최다해 gongjumonica says:

    Pretty blog. I guess we both like to read, write, and drink tea! 🙂

  3. Jeannius says:

    Just stumbled upon your blog from the Spring Giveaway Hop, I’m an Aussie based book blogger too! 😀

  4. Just stopped by to let you know I’ve nominated you for some (no pressure of course) awards 🙂

  5. The professor would love to live in a castle!

  6. Hels7 says:

    Just stumbled across your blog and had a bit of a read. I really like the sound of ‘Lily in the Shadows’ and look forward to seeing it in book shops one day. Also, you live in a castle?!?!?! I’m very jealous :).

  7. djgarcia94 says:

    I discovered this blog from the last post on There and Draft Again. I was looking through my blog roll at the blogs on there that haven’t posted anything in a long time and I was sad to see that TADA ended so its good to see that most of the writers involved are still blogging. I really appreciate that you guys gave a final post announcing that TADA was over, unlike most other blogs which just end unannounced.

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