I’ve been interviewed! via Karen McCoy

Hello gentle reader,

a quick post today to let you know I’ve been interviewed by Karen McCoy about my manuscript LILY IN THE SHADOWS.

Here is an excerpt:

I love the premise of LILY IN THE SHADOWS. Where did you get the idea from and what do you want readers to take away when they’re finished?

Although I love Steampunk literature, it has glamorized the Victorian era, with heroines in beautiful dresses, innovative gentlemen, steam-powered inventions and afternoon teas. I wrote LILY because I wanted to write the story of an obscure 19th Century flower girl, with no special power or talent, who tries to save the city of London from chaos and magical destruction. Lily lives in Whitechapel, she is partly deaf and she has no hope of ever marrying a king and becoming a princess in a fairy tale. But to me, it doesn’t mean her story shouldn’t be told. Every girl matters and her actions can change the world, even in the shadows.

You can read the full interview here.

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