Gearing Up To Get An Agent Blogfest – Meet and Greet

Hello gentle reader,

this month I am taking part in an exciting blogfest: Gearing Up To Get An Agent (aka GUTGAA) hosted by the amazing Deana Barnhart.

What is GUTGAA? you ask.

GUTGAA is a blogfest Deana Barnhart started last year “in the hopes that those of us striving to reach “agented” status could come together, polish those pitches and have fun at the same time.”

Today is the first day of this blogfest and it’s Meet and Greet time… If you want to join the fun and sign up for the blogfest, you can do so here. Then add a Meet and Greet post on your blog and you will have from today until Friday, Sept 7th to visit others’ blogs and get to know them. Have fun and visit as many as you can!

Questions for the Meet and Greet
Quick bio

I am a writer of YA High Fantasy novels. I live in an English castle, travel extensively, read voraciously, listen to music bands few people have heard of and watch too many movies to count. In case you are wondering, I also have a full-time job, so I mostly write at odd hours and drink a lot of tea. I am also a member of the British Fantasy Society.

Where do you write?
At home, at my desk in my living room. From my window I can see the castle’s park and the beautiful English countryside beyond. No need for a retreat for me!
Quick. Go to your writing space, sit down and look to your left. What is the first thing you see?
My armchair. This is where I sit to read. And I read A LOT.
Favorite time to write?
Drink of choice while writing?
When writing , do you listen to music or do you need complete silence?
I need music to write. I even wrote a blog post about my favourite writing music.
What was your inspiration for your latest manuscript and where did you find it?
I write epic fantasy. I have had my WIP in me FOREVER. I think I got the inspiration for it about ten years ago. I wanted to write a story with a strong female teenager as the main character. I also liked the idea of a fantasy land where humans were the lesser people. Finally I wanted to write a love story that would be as realistic as possible, although set in an imaginary land.
What’s your most valuable writing tip?

Write every day, and NEVER give up.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to comment below and I will definitely pay your blog a visit.

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27 thoughts on “Gearing Up To Get An Agent Blogfest – Meet and Greet

  1. Kyra Lennon says:

    Yay for drinking tea while writing! I am more of a coffee girl while writing, but I do like a nice cup of tea when I’m finished!

  2. Carrie-Anne says:

    I can relate to having an idea for a book for a long time. I’ve kept entire books and storylines for pre-existing books memorized back and forwards in my head for years. My Russian novel sequel, which finally was written in full last year, was stored in my head for about half of my life and outlined in basic note form a decade ago.

  3. Your writing area sounds like a dream! I’d totally love to go to England and spend a week writing sometime 🙂 I just followed you on Twitter ^_^

  4. Another lover of tea! And you hit on my two favorite bits of writerly advice.

  5. Huzzah to epic fantasy! And ten years in the making… yikes!

    But seriously. You live in a castle? Like, really?

  6. Kelley Lynn says:

    I write fantasy too! Its so fun to create our own worlds and characters and rules 🙂

  7. Jenna says:

    Wow! Incredible that you live in a castle. I lived in England a long time ago and we had an English Heritage membership, so that’s the closest I’ve come, which only counts as touring castles. What great inspiration. Good luck with your WIP. Sounds like an intriguing story. How do you balance reading and writing? I am also a readaholic, and I find the balance tricky.

  8. angiesandro says:

    I love to read epic fantasy. Actually David Eddings was my first love, but not my only. I love your premise. Good luck with GUTGAA.

  9. folioroad says:

    I was going to say something about drafts, but really, I think that living in a castle would be incredible and that would be the jealousy talking. Every corner would inspire! Good luck and see you around GUTGAA.

  10. I am a huge fantasy fan, so even with those few sentences about your WIP I am ready to read it! 🙂 I have had mine in my head for about 10 years too, though it has evolved in ways I never would have dreamed of. When you said you lived in a castle I really thought you just had a great imagination, but now I see you really DO live in a castle. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog and it was great to meet you!

  11. EM Castellan says:

    Oh, thank you 🙂 My WIP has also evolved a lot since I first found the idea for it, especially in the last two years that I’ve been seriously working on it. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. High fantasy is a great genre. That’s so cool that you live in a castle. Nice to meet you.

  13. paradoxgrl says:

    You live in a castle? I’m so jealous! I can’t imagine NOT being inspired to write epic fantasy with that view. =) (And I love the photo for your blog background btw). Very nice to “meet” you!

  14. Hi there, you’re the first fellow Brit GUTGAA-a I’ve come across. You live in a castle, that’s awesome, when I say that in my meet and greet I’m only joking! Also got to say that Castellan is a very cool fantasy-sounding name. All the best with the rest of GUTGAA 🙂

  15. aidyl ewoh says:

    I can hardly believe it…. Wow, your life sounds exciting. I live in a barn, and that’s about as exciting as it gets for me. =)

  16. Agghr still drafting so no point polishing the pitch just yet. Good luck gearing up!

  17. EM Castellan says:

    Thanks! WriteOnCon showed me I wasn’t completely ready to query yet, so I hope this blogfest will help…

  18. Hi! Your book sounds awesome! And I love a nice, hot cup of tea (though where I live, you can also get a nice, cold glass of southern sweet tea… yeah). Thanks for visiting my blog! Good luck with GUTGAA!

  19. leeannac says:

    You live in a castle? That’s awesome — I didn’t know that!

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