Reader Appreciation Award!

I have received another award for my blog! It’s the Reader Appreciation Award and the wonderful Raewyn Hewitt nominated me. She is an Epic Fantasy writer who lives in New Zealand and is currently writing a trilogy entitled The Fall of the Kings. She has a great blog which chronicles her writing journey and quotes Tolkien and Doctor Who (what more can you ask for? Go and follow her already!).

So here are the rules for this award:

1. Identify and show appreciation to the blogger who nominated you.

2. Add the reward logo to your blog.

3. Tell your readers 7 things about yourself.

4. Nominate 5-10 of your favourite bloggers for this award.

5. Inform your nominees that you nominated them.

So I’m not really one to talk about myself, but here goes…

1-    Full disclosure. I’m 28.

2-    I live in England but my nationality is not British. Let the guessing game begin!

3-    I have lived in three different countries in the last ten years.

4-    I watch a lot of TV shows. Historical, SF or fantasy, I’ll give them a try. Right now I’m really into “Hell On Wheels” and “The Vampire Diaries”.

5-    I wrote my first novel at the age of 12. It was entitled “The Chronicles of a Girl on a Swing in Paris”. Please don’t judge 😉

6-    My current WIP The Last Queen is my 20th finished novel (!). I wrote the first draft in 2009. My cousin Elisabeth, who is my self proclaimed biggest fan and has read every single story I have ever written, chose that time to tell me that “maybe it was time to go out there and get my stories published.” However this endeavour turns out to be, I will blame it on her.

7-    My family is very supportive of my writing, even if they don’t actually, well, read what I write. My brother thinks that my WIP is “Game of Thrones with elves and werewolves”. My grandmother thinks it’s “something like Harry Potter”. My parents think it’s a masterpiece. I really hope they’re right.

Now on to the nominations of lovely blogger you should follow:

Elodie @ Commuting Girl A French girl living in Germany, and an aspiring author of YA novels (paranormal romance and contemporary romance) with a versatile blog.

Susan and Tyler-Rose @ The Feather and the Rose Two Epic Fantasy writers. One great blog tackling writing, revisions, queries and the epicness of it all.

Gina @ This Is Not Your Blog In her own words, a “mother, blogger, vlogger, writer, homeschooler, church-goer, nerdfighter, baker, cake decorator, avid reader, book reviewer.” She lives in Florida and her blog is a great read. Also I love her Fantasy Casting Feature.

Juliana Haygert When I started following her blog, she was a romance writer trying to get published. Today she is a published author. Yet she  is still this lovely Brazilian girl who lives in Connecticut and replies to all my tweets. This girl will go far, better get to know her now!

That’s it for me. For those nominated, there’s no pressure to participate. I just wanted to let my readers know how awesome you are!


The Beautiful Blogger Award

In a recent post, the wonderful Sydney Aaliyah has passed on to me the Beautiful Blogger Award. How amazing is that?! I am truly honoured and I cannot thank Sydney enough for the award and her kind words about my blog. Sydney is a versatile blogger and a would-be-published writer from Texas who lives in China.  Do visit her blog here and read about tattoos, movies, books, writing and music.

Here are the rules about this award:

–          thank the person who nominated you and add their link.

–          accept the award by showing the image of the Beautiful Blogger Award on your blog.

–           choose 7 blogs for nomination and write something about each blog.

–           let all 7 of the blogs know about their nomination.

So I have thanked Sydney, now on to the 7 blogs that deserve recognition:

1)      Fabulous Realms: on this blog Ash Silverlock “celebrates worlds of fantasy, folklore, myth and legend from every era and every corner of the world.” A wonderful read.

2)      Shall Write: a great book blog with sharp reviews. It deserves more followers!

3)     Once Upon A Time: a British book blog with a primary focus on fantasy. Look no further for great advice on what to read in the fantasy genre.

4)   The Flutterby Room : another British blogger, with a focus on Young Adult literature. Excellent reviews. Plus I love the simplicity and readability of this blog.

5)    My Random Muse: a fellow would-be-published writer who blogs about her writing and reading. I love her Friday Frivolity feature!

6)     Seeking The Write Life:  another would-be-published writer who shares her tips on writing. I love her First 500 Critique Series.

7)     Raewyn Hewitt : a fellow would-be-published novelist who writes epic fantasy. Her blog is full of writing wisdom. Also she lives in New Zealand, which is very cool.

I strongly recommend you stop by those blogs and even follow them!