Links for Writers

Genre Definitions

YA fiction

YA Epic Fantasy

What is “gritty epic fantasy”?

What is “Gaslamp Fantasy”?

Building a bridge between literary and genre fiction

Writing Advice

What is “strong writing”?

Word count: is your Fantasy novel too long?

How not to start your novel

Opening your Fantasy novel right *

How To Plot Your Fantasy Novel

Characters: whose story is this anyway?

On killing your characters

On Writing Unforgettable Secondary Characters

Writing a large cast of characters

Is your Novel gender-biased? *

On originality and writing a book that doesn’t already exists


Deus Ex Machina in Fantasy Fiction *

World building and how to avoid the “info-dump”

How To Create a Vivid Setting

The process of self-editing

Self-editing: Dealing with repetitions

Learning to write with movies

Writing Pet Peeves

Beta Readers and Critique Partners

On feedback and beta readers

On being a good Critique Partner or Beta Reader

The Quest For a Critique Partner

Writers Conferences

Book fairs and writers conferences: what they can do for you

SCBWI Conference


Writing Challenges

Making the most of a Novel Writing Month

Making the most of NaNoWriMo *

Writing Motivation

The Writer, the Writing Community and Dean Winchester

Writers and Publishing Trends

Getting Published: Finding Your Own Path and Going At Your Own Pace

Reading about writing

Music for writing

Writers in Movies


My successful query

How I got my agent

Querying during the summer: a few tips

How To Write A Pitch For Your Novel

How To Write A Successful Twitter Pitch 

Dream Agents and the Right Agent For You

Making Sense of Rejections and Finding the Right Agent

Querying and the request for an exclusive submission

On Querying and Originality in Fantasy

Dealing with an R&R (Revise and Resubmit)

On Subjectivity and Dealing with contradictory feedback from agents

Getting The Call(s)

The Decision to Shelve Your Manuscript

* Posts published on There And Draft Again – A Fellowship of Fantasy Writers

Successful Queries blog series

The idea behind the Successful Queries Blog Series is to share Queries That Worked and to find out what made them stand out in the slushpile. My hope is that it’ll help querying writers to write an amazing query for their own manuscript and to find their Agent.

Summer Heacock (Women’s Fiction)

Amanda Foody (YA Fantasy)

Brianna Shrum (Upmarket Retelling)

Dahlia Adler (YA Contemporary)

Kate Brauning (YA Suspense)

Rhiann Wynn-Nolet (YA Dark Fantasy/Retelling)

Links To Other Websites

Susan Dennard

Kristen Lamb’s blog (everything you need to know about building your social media platform)

Pub(lishing) Crawl (a group of authors and industry professionals who blog about writing, publishing, and books)

Jane Friedman’s Writing Advice Archive

The National Novel Writing Month



Hoping this helps, happy writing!

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